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August 30 opening Interlude x10

Opening at 1 November
Destiny (С4) lowrate x5

November 15 opening
Gracia Final x5

Nanna Intrerlude x75
The legendary world of Craft-PvP November 30

Lionna IL x10
2 months of stable work!

All beginners to recruit colonists!

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Autumn on

Selection Chronicle for Low-rate server

Selection rate for Low-rate server

08 Oct

Lionna x7 server Description

Greetings! We are pleased to present to you a short…


We are pleased to present to you a short description of the concept of our server.
This concept was tested many times and worked out to bring the maximum balance as for low lvl game, as well as for high lvl. We know that Interlude is not a new chronicle anymore and many of you already know everything about them, but according to the concept we tried to make the game as fun as possible and still keep some difficulty in the game, so you could feel every aspect of it.

We will be very glad to see you on our server, and to heat the interest we want to remember you about upcoming events and contests, which we will announce on the site and forum very soon. Follow the news.

A detailed concept will be published in the near future in this thread as a second post.


EXP / SP: x7
Adena: x5 (amount)
SealStone: x5 (amount)
Drop: x5 (chance)
Spoil: chance x5*

Quest (drop): x1*
Quest reward (adena / exp / sp): x4*
RB exp / sp: x4

RB drop: chance x2
Epic: x1

* Look detailed description in the post below

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12 Oct

Lionna x7 General Pre-start Contest

To participate in a Prize Draw you need to follow…


The time till Lionna x7 Opening is passing very fast!
And for you not to be bored, but spend your waiting time usefully, we are announcing Big pre-start Contest, where everyone can win ToDs or Ingame Shop items or Real Top line Gaming equipment!

Contest will be separated by 4 mini-contests

Skype mailing
Facebook Like/Share
Instagram repost
Forum activity

For participation in any of those contests you can win ToDs or Ingame Shop items (information about rewards is written in each mini-contest separately)

And if you will participate in all 4 of them, you can win Top line Gaming equipment!




To participate in a Prize Draw you need to follow next steps:

Participate on all 3 mini-contests
Send your Facebook name and Instagram name to Gerda via PM on forum. Message should be titled "Big Pre-start Contest" and contain written below information.

On November, 5th we will pick 3 random players, which will be rewarded with 1 of 3 Gaming items each.
Draw will be recorded and published here in this topic.

Every player can win in more than 1 contest at a time.
So everyone has 4 chances to win valuable prizes!

Sincerely, team

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21 Oct

Event: "Spread the word"

Greetings! We are starting another contest "Spread the word!"! Tell…


We are starting another contest "Spread the word!"! Tell everyone about us!
Advertisement, our topics in Lineage communities is important part of spreading the information about our server. But no one can do it bigger that you. If everyone of you will spend just a few time for this event, on a server start you can see even more people as it is planned now (and we are aiming for the highest online possible).

What you need to do to participate?

Post a message about us in any Lineage community or any Lineage related Forum, in sotial networks*
Make a screenshot of your 10 posts (the address line of your browser should be visible on a screenshot)

November, 4 at 19:00 (CET) is opening Interlude server Lionna x7
It's going to be Big! Great community, dedicated Administration, lot of fun!
I'll play on, join it with me!

All screenshots has to be sent to Gerda in Skype: Gerda

What are rewards?

All participants will get 7 Days Rune 50%
3 random participants will get 500 ToDs each

Sincerely, team

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20 Oct

Event: I'm going to the Lionna x7 Opening!

Greetings! Want to get guaranteed 50 ToDs on the server…


Want to get guaranteed 50 ToDs on the server start?
You are in a right place!

All you need to do -
Visit our Event page on Facebook
Press "Going"

And Leave your planned ingame nickname in a comment to the post "Who is going to join Lionna x7 on November 4th?"

On November, 5th, everyone who will participate, will receive ToDs on their characters.
If your nickname will be taken, just make a new comment with a new name (till the end of November, 4th)

And also on November, 5th from all participants we will pick 3 random winners, who will get 500 ToDs on their character.

Sincerely, team

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