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August 30 opening Interlude x10

Opening at 1 November
Destiny (С4) lowrate x5

November 15 opening
Gracia Final x5

Nanna Intrerlude x75
The legendary world of Craft-PvP November 30

Lionna IL x10
2 months of stable work!

All beginners to recruit colonists!

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Once the language site will be displayed in the selected language. После выбора языка сайт будет отображаться на выбранном Вами языке.

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Autumn on

Selection Chronicle for Low-rate server

Selection rate for Low-rate server

25 Sep

Website/forum restyling works

Dear community! Due to change of the Project Administration, Website…

Dear community!

Due to change of the Project Administration, Website and Forum designs are going to be changed as well.

We want to inform you, that during web restyling, the site and the forum may have periodic short downtimes.

Please don't panic, it is temporarily and won't take long.

Thank you for understanding.

Sincerely, Team

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24 Sep

Server pre-announcement

Greetings! We would like to please you with the first…


We would like to please you with the first Announce of the server startup. The first server of the new team will be launched on November, 4. It will be launched with our partners, but we will be strong and clearly defend our and your position in the creation and changes applying on the server. Will the partners involved in further servers launches of this project is difficult to answer, but we want to create our own project and rely only on our decisions with you.

The first server is going to be classic Interlude on one of the best files out there. Interlude is the most famous, and loved by majority of players chronicles, which is why the preference has given to it. But if you believe that this chronicle is not for you, continue to follow the project by subscribing to our Facebook / Instagram and we are sure that in the future you will want to join us either on this or on next servers. Server rates will most likely be x10. We are completing the final stages of negotiations with partners about server rates, so soon we will be able to announce more detailed information including the name of the server and it's rates.

Stay with us and together we will build a quality project for you, your friends and enemies to fight with.

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24 Sep

About us

Greetings! I would like to introduce you a new Team…


I would like to introduce you a new Team that is set out to make this project growing and prosperous.

Who are we?
We are a team that have been working on L2 projects for many years, but we were working separately. Not long ago our current Team Leader got a desire to create a project and went in search of an investor who would be willing to trust him. When the search ended successfully, the question to get a team, which would be able to solve any problem and ready to work hard, appeared. This is the way our leader found us and grouped up as a team.

Why are we here?
We, as well as everyone in this situation, had a difficult choice. To start the project from scratch, or to buy and revitalize an existing project. After many hours of picking the name and searching for European Lineage projects in parallel, we found this project. We liked the simple name, as well as offering to start the first server together with it's ex-owners. This way, by launching the project in a partnership with it's ex-owner, we will be able to introduce ourself, and then will be ready to decide which way we need to move to develop this project.

The team itself:
Team Leader - takes all responsibility for smooth and quality functioning of the website and game worlds, as well as he takes final decision on further server development and path. His tasks are genuinely global and taking almost all his time, so he won't be able to show on public very often, will remain in shadow. But his work on the server will be invaluable.

Net - Responsive, always ready to listen to your problem and will make every effort to solve it. Very patient, but still don't push it too far. Very fair and objective.

Gerda - Differs by the good work with people, that's why she is in charge of moderators, etc. Always knows what is going on at the forum and is ready to calm even the worst violators of the rules, especially if you choose to break the rules of the game. Very creative, so you can expect a lot of entertainement.

Geb - your best friend in the technical aspects of the game. Open and talkative. Hates bots, so goes to catch them very often. Will find you even if you are very well hidden.

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